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Mountain Bike trails for Las Vegas Mountain Bikers in Henderson

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Now that it’s off-season, I like to cross-train on my mountain bike.  Thanks to an invite to go mountain biking with some friends last week, I was able to ride on some new trails in our neighboring city of Henderson, NV, that were incredibly fun.

If you are looking for a ‘less’ technical dirt trail to ride on, check out the Anthem East Trail, connecting to the McCullough Trail.  This is a more beginner friendly trail than the Mustang Loop in Cottonwood.  When I say beginner friendly, I’m not talking the ultra beginner… you should still feel comfortable riding on dirt and know how to handle your bike on this type of terrain.

These trails will enable you to better your skills on dirt, and still get a very good workout.  There are climbs that will have you huffing and puffing, and some fun downhills that will have you woo-hooing!  There are singletrack trails, and then wide doubletrack trails.  There’s packed dirt, there’s sand, there’s gravel (and as you ride more on McCullough trail, the gravel thickens).  There are neat dips in the road with flat rock surfaces to roll over.  It really is a fun trail to ride on, and the more I go, the more I enjoy it.  (Even if I fall!).  lol.

Take a snack and stop off at the many scenic, covered areas and relax and take in the views.  They are incredible!

Anthem East Trail View

For more information on these trails, visit the City of Henderson’s Parks and Recreation Website, or view the maps here:

Anthem East Trail Map

McCullough Trail Map

There is also a very cool map of all the trails in Henderson, NV.

NOTE:  Some surfaces are paved, some dirt.  The best thing to do is go check them out first, or post a question, asking if anyone has ridden them on our forums.  You can hike many of these trails as well, so you may want to hike first, and then bike.  No matter what, use them.  The city created them for our enjoyment, so let’s put them to great use.

Download and follow along the route on your Garmin or GPS enabled device.

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  1. Thanks for the review and info an a trail!

    Do you know, by any chance, how long is this trail?


  2. Hi Paul. I have only ridden the Anthem to McCullough trail and I didn’t get to the end on the McCullough side as I thought it ended and wasn’t finished. I rode 7.12 miles one way, but I am told that particular trail I rode on is about 8 miles one way. 16 miles round trip (approximate). It is fun!

  3. Sorry City of Henderson Parks & Rec but I can’t make out the McCullough Trail on any of the above referenced maps. On the map containing all of the trails (entitled “City of Henderson Trails 2012 and Beyond”) the key indicates that it is a purple, dashed line. I can’t see it on the map.


  4. Good catch, Ian. The legend shows McCullough Trail as a dashed purple trail, but it is a solid purple on the map.

  5. We rode it New Years Day and had a blast. Started at Anthem Hills Park, south of the 215 on Eastern to Anthem Parkway left to Reunion left to McCulough Hills. Go to the east end of the park. There is a sign directing you to the Anthem East Trailhead in the parking lot. No mention of the McCulough Hills Trail yet. Don’t worry. Get on the Anthem East trail (paved) and follow it up until you get to the dirt. Enjoy the city views for now. Get on the singletrack heading left (east). Soon you’ll see the trail markers for the MHT. This will give way to a 10′ wide well graded gravel path that goes anothe 7 miles to the east end of Mission Hills Drive (8.5 miles from Anthem Hills Park). You’ll only encounter hikers in the couple of miles near the trailheads. After that you’re out in rolling desert hills; seemingly the middle of nowhere. Quite pretty. This is not technical by any means. But you’ll use all your gears and elevate your heart rate getting up the many switchback climbs.This is a great low stress way to enjoy some spectacular desert scenery on a mountain bike and get a good workout to boot.

  6. Make that Eastern Trailhead at the WEST end of Mission Drive. If you can find Mission Drive, head west until it ends. Take 95 south to Horizon and go right (west) to Horizon Ridge left (south) to Mision Drive right (west) to the end and the east trailhead. Anthem Hills Park TH is at 2570′ and the Mission Dr. TH is at 2500′. Highest point (marked) is at 3120′.

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