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Featured Member: LawnchairMan, Scott Woodford

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The best thing about living in our great city is its diversity.  In cycling, we have the advantage of meeting so many nice people on our rides, that it always amazes me how much we learn about and get to know the people we ride with.  I mean, what else is there to do on a 2-4 hour bicycle ride?  LOL.

Well, on a ride one day with the Green Valley Cyclists, I discovered that one of our mutual members invented a product for the type of pedals I use.  Member LawnchairMan, a.k.a. Scott Woodford, is the inventor of Keep On Kovers, cleat covers for Speedplay pedals.  These are not just any ordinary cleat cover though…these are cleat covers that you can wear while riding your bike.  They help to protect your cleats and extend their lifespan.  Since I am an avid Speedplay pedal user, Scott invited me to try out a pair to see what I thought.  I LOVE THEM!  So much so, I wanted to make sure all of you knew about Scott (a cyclist in our own community!) who created such a cool item that makes my life easier.  No more carrying around of cleat covers… now I can wear them while riding which saves space in my pockets, and, it extends the life of my cleats.

BLV Member LawnchairMan, Scott Woodford, Inventor of Keep on Kovers

I asked Scott a few questions about his product invention and other cycling “stuff”, and I wanted to share with you our conversation… enjoy.

Lisa (BLV): When did you start Bicycling and what was your first bike?
Scott: I was probably seven when I got a rusty hand-me-down bike that could only coast down hill. Couldn’t pedal it, and I don’t think the brakes worked either. But I learned to balance. The first bike I bought was a Schwinn Varsity.

Lisa (BLV): What bike do you ride today, and what type of riding do you like to do?
I started cycling seriously in 2005 on a Specialized Roubaix. My neck and shoulders hurt until I got my first recumbent. Now I ride my dream bike: a Carbent Raven. It’s a nineteen pound carbon fiber recumbent with Zipp 404 Firecrest wheels. It is truly a sweet machine! Don’t tell everybody how fast it is and how much easier it is to pedal. If everyone got one I’d have to work to keep up.

One disadvantage of recumbents is the long wheel base. Because of that they are not good on technical trails. I like to ride on long straight roads where I can use down hill momentum to help climb the next hill. I’ve also been enjoying RAGBRAI the last few years, and am about to do it again. That is the seven day camping, ride, food fest across Iowa. Join me!

Lisa (BLV):  How did you get the idea to invent Keep on Kovers?
Scott: I think it was in 2009 that I got the idea for Keep On Kovers. Riding my recumbent to work, my cleats would slide on the pavement at traffic lights. I had Speedplay Coffee Shop covers, and wondered if I could put a hole in them. I assumed, though, that if it could be done Speedplay would have done it. So, I waited. Later, I finally decided to try it. It wasn’t as simple as I’d thought, but I got it to work. I started selling them in 2011, and after a slow beginning they were selling better than I’d dreamed. The moral of this story is, if you can make something work for you, it can work for others. Don’t wait, develop it!

Lisa (BLV): One tip you’d give any cyclist if they asked for one.
Scott: The smaller frontal profile of a recumbent gives an aerodynamic advantage, but makes it harder for motorists to see me. That is why I use a bright flashing light in the daytime. We all should ride predictably and be as apparent as we can.

Keep on Kovers

Thank you Scott for such a great product and for sharing your creative mind with the rest of the cycling community!  For any of you who ride with Speedplay pedals and who might be interested in getting a pair of his Keep on Kovers, visit his website to check them out.  They’re very affordable (ranging from $17.95 to $23.95 a pair) and they’re definitely worth the price.

Keep on Kovers Website:

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  1. I had no idea that he invented this!! I bought it as soon as I got my speedplay. I love it too! The one thing that’s a wee bit annoying is the height. My LOOKS pedals and cover isn’t that high. When walking with the speedplays, it feels like I need to walk on the ball of my feet, if I don’t, my tendons stretches, and its slightly uncomfortable. Maybe I need a lot more rides.

    It is totally awesome for triathlons when I’m running and the cleats will not get ruined while my looks got destroyed due to rough asphalt.

    Thanks for the invention!!!!

  2. Thanks for the story, met Scott years ago and he gave me a pair, love them but lost one and the other is about done, now I can get new ones, couldn’t find the site on the computer but now know I was entering the wrong search words. Thanks Scott will order new ones later when not at work

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