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Future Night Safety Feature for the Vegas Bike Share Program?

Future Night Safety Feature for the Vegas Bike Share Program?
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The Citi Bike Share program in New York is now equipping some of their bikes with a Blaze Laser Light that emits a green bicyclist light on the road ahead of them.

According to the Citi Bike website:

“Extensive research on the Laserlight on London’s bike share fleet revealed that a cyclist with a Laserlight at night is even more visible than a cyclist in daytime.

The vast majority of London bus drivers surveyed said the light made it easier to notice and react to cyclists at night, while 75% of cyclists felt more confident cycling with a Laserlight.

The initiative also aims to grow ridership among women, whom studies have shown are more likely to ride in safer traffic environments with features like  protected bike lanes and one-way streets. Results in London indicated that this outcome is likely.”

So… is this something that we may see in the Vegas Bike Share future? No matter what I think it’s a great idea. I’ve seen the technology before, but putting it to use at night in a bike share program sounds like a solid way of use.  I’m sending it over to the RTC for consideration right now. 😉

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