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60 Minutes Investigates Hidden Motors in the Cycling World

60 Minutes Investigates Hidden Motors in the Cycling World
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Posted by Lisa Caterbone
January 29, 2017

I said it a few weeks ago when I reported that the inventor of the mechanical doping motor that is now being used, hidden inside the frame of bikes, was about to unveil something big.

Tonight, 60 Minutes investigates had an in-depth interview with Istvan “Stefano” Varjas and the subject of Mechanical doping or cheating.  He is saying he built the first motor back in 1998 and that it has been used in the Tour de France.

He told 60 Minutes his friend found a buyer in 1998 and Stefano swears he has no idea who it was. He gave 60 Minutes his bank record that showed that he had about $2 million at the time. He also spent time in jail for not paying a substantial tax bill in Hungary. He said whoever paid him all that money wanted an exclusive deal—he couldn’t work on the motor, sell it or talk about it for 10 years.

60 Minutes also talks with Greg LeMonde and Tyler Hamilton about this new type of cheating.  It’s a great interview and I highly recommend you watch it.

Give yourself 15 minutes to watch the entire video on 60 minutes website here.



Yep, 60 Minutes Overtime also had a segment on the next type of mechanical cheating: using magnets in wheel rims.  Apparently there are hidden magnets inside a wheel’s rim that uses an electromagnetic process that forces the wheel around.  Take a look at the video on 60 Minutes Overtime for a more in-depth look at both the hidden motors, and the newest cheating method about to hit the streets… magnets.

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