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Cycle Share: Sal Flores Shares How Cycling Has Such a Positive Impact in His Life

Cycle Share: Sal Flores Shares How Cycling Has Such a Positive Impact in His Life
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Thank you to my good friend Sal for sharing his story and love of cycling in a feature I call “Cycle Share”.  Sal has been one of the best examples of how cycling has made such a positive impact  in his life as well as others.  As long as I’ve known Sal, I’ve always known him to give back and return the favors.  This is Sal’s story.

Meet Sal Flores

I’ve always loved bicycles. That feel of freedom on two wheels, the flying like a bird and wind in your face experience is one of the best! Back in 2008 I was riding mountain bike trails with my buddy Martin and uncle Carlos. These guys were beasts and hammering climbs on the trails. They would go out and road bike as well. I didn’t have a road bike at the time and ended up putting slicks on my mountain bike. One day returning from a ride to the beach, Martin let me ride his LOOK road bike. That was all the convincing it took to get my FUJI and turn to roads, distance and more enjoyable miles.
I moved to the Las Vegas area back in 2012. I was looking up bicycling groups on the web and Biking Las Vegas was the first result. I connected with BLV and the camaraderie,  great routes, fun times and all-around feel good miles is one I owe to Lisa for the impact she has had in our bicycling community.
Bicycling has done so much good for me. It is a positive force in my life and has given me strength in mind and all that happens in my daily life. It takes you to a place where your mind is free, clears the air in times of challenges, helps you find solutions when you are faced with obstacles. Getting on a bicycle does this for me. To my friends and family I say “try it”. It would do much more for you during trying times than sitting on a couch or at a table with a pen and notepad would do. Bicycling definitely will take you to a place to clear your mind, it will make you smile more,  make you fit and mind strong.
I love that I have met a lot of great people while bicycling. I have learned so much from you. There is one person whose words and conversations have had the most positive impact in my life on this bicycling journey  ….my friend Midhat. Every ride with Midhat (MG) is an enjoyable one and will definitely take your on an adventure you won’t forget. You can find yourself following his JAMIS and 30 miles later you are both sitting in a cafe having the best cup of coffee ever. One day I was out riding with MG and climbing Mandeville Canyon in the Los Angeles area. He was hammering this climb. For fun I turned up my speed a bit and danced on my pedals reaching the summit just ahead of MG and all I heard him yelling was “go blue thunder!” …..that name stuck.
I am happy to have found the joy of bicycling. I enjoy riding with everyone I have met on the roads. I look forward to meeting new friends who enjoy the miles as much as I do. I am blessed with a supportive wife and two sons who enjoy hearing my road stories ….. Love to Ride!

Cycle Share Q&A

And, of course, I have to ask my favorite questions I ask of all of my cycling friends:

Lisa: What is your favorite route in Vegas to ride?

Sal: River Mountain Loop Trail 

Lisa: What is your most dreaded hill / challenging climb in Vegas?

Sal: Returning from Lovell Canyon 

Lisa: What are your goals for cycling in 2017?

Sal: Ride new routes. Meet a bunch more people who love cycling as much as I do.

Lisa: What would your older self say to your younger self, now knowing what cycling has done for your morale and overall health? (Basically advice you would give about cycling and living healthy).

Sal: Remember that tandem bicycle behind the garage you were messing with as a kid? Keep riding it!

Thank you so much Sal for sharing your story about cycling and how it has made such a positive impact on your mental health and relationships.  I, for one, am glad we met and look forward to a life-long friendship on and off the bike.  🙂
DO YOU HAVE A STORY TO SHARE ABOUT YOUR ENTRY INTO CYCLING? YOUR LOVE OF PEDAL BIKES? Share with the rest of us! Feel free to comment below or send me your story with a photo of you on your bike. I love featuring members of our local cycling community. Let me feature you too! 🙂
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