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Cycle Share: A part of Brigid Arcari’s Life Since Childhood

Cycle Share: A part of Brigid Arcari’s Life Since Childhood
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Thank you to Brigid Arcari for sharing her love of cycling and how cycling has always been a part of her life since childhood.  Brigid and I met on a BLV group ride. We instantly hit it off.  Her laughter was infectious and we had great times talking and catching up any time she would come out to ride.  This is Brigid’s story…

You could say ​my love of  cycling started when I was just 4 years old and broke my arm when I fell off my bike. I don’t remember it, but it’s safe to say I was happy to hop back on – when​ the arm healed – and ​I ​haven’t looked back.
​Cycling has been a part of my life since then, from cycling to and from school in New Zealand, to cycling to and from work in central London; it seems I really do find any excuse to get on a bike. ​
​It’s one of those past times that for me is very relaxing and meditative. All sorts of great ideas come to me when I’m out cycling, and it’s thanks to cycling that I met my husband. He came to New Zealand on a business trip to help us install some new casino software at the casino I was working at. When he asked about getting out at the weekend to do some cycling, I was more than happy to suggest some places to go, and to be his tour guide. We hit it off straight away, and less than a year later we were married in one of our favourite Las Vegas cycling spots – Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. (That was after I had convinced him to do the Death Valley double century, so it really must’ve been true love!).
​I’ve been lucky to cycle in many parts of the world – Swiss Alps, Vietnam, New Zealand, Australia, England, Scotland, Ireland, west and east parts of the US – and it’s just the best way to see the sights, and meet some pretty awesome people.

We are so lucky to live in this great cycling town, with wonderful communities of like minded people and I’m reminded of it every time I get out on my bike​.

​We have 3 young children now so I don’t get out as much as I used to, but so long as these legs are still attached and able to move, then I will find any excuse to pump up the tyres and grab the Garmin and GO!​
As a fun way to learn more about Brigid and her cycling habits, I like to ask the following questions:
Lisa:  What is your favorite route in Vegas to ride?
Brigid:  The River Mountains Loop Trail, the perfect distance, views, climbs, and no cars! (It used to be Red Rock Canyon Loop, but we live on the other side of town now).

Lisa: What is your most dreaded hill / challenging climb in Vegas?

Brigid: The Potosi climb. It’s a great climb, but all those trucks/cars/fumes!​

Lisa: What are your goals for cycling in 2017?

Brigid:  Going to do the Tour de Summerlin 60 –  if the weather warms up enough to get some night time training in! And shoot for 150 miles/month from February to November. Oh and get some date-night rides in with my husband​

Lisa: What would your older self say to your younger self, now knowing what cycling has done for your morale and overall health? 
Brigid:  Great job getting back on yer bike after the broken arm (and the broken leg too, but that’s another story…). Cycling has definitely been a great friend to me in the good times and bad and I’m so grateful for it.
Thank you Brigid for sharing your story and love of cycling.  I love that you have always had bicycling in your life and continue to share cycling with your husband, Dan. Get out on more bike date nights!  You deserve them!
HAVE A STORY YOU’D LIKE TO SHARE?  Email me and let’s spread your love for cycling and share it with the world.  You never know.. you may be what inspires someone to get back on the bike!  😉
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