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Penny Farthing Cycling Championships

Penny Farthing Cycling Championships
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First off, you may be asking yourself, “What is a penny farthing?”  I know I did.  LOL.  A penny farthing is an early type of bicycle with a very large front wheel and a small rear wheel.  It looks like the illustration below.

How anyone could ever ride one of these is beyond me.  I would have the hardest time getting on one, let alone RACE on one.  Yet, that is exactly what the Penny Farthing Championships are about.  Racing on one of these early, vintage bicycles.

The Penny Farthing Cycling Championships take place every February in Tasmania. It looks like it would be a blast to watch as all types of riders come out to outperform each other on the ‘first’ machine to ever be called a bicycle.

Take a look at some of the event photographs here.

If you think you want to take a stab at next year’s race, you have time to train!  LOL.  This video below will give you tips on how to ride a penny farthing.


Want to know the history of the Penny Farthing? Check out the Wikipedia page here.

Race Image credit: EPA

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