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Animal Encounters: Photos to Capture on Your Bike Ride

Animal Encounters: Photos to Capture on Your Bike Ride
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Posted by Lisa Caterbone
February 28, 2017

Well, this is absolutely adorable. I came across it on one of my cycling feeds and I thought it was just too cute not to share.

This adorable animal, called a Quokka, was along the side of the road, when an Australian cyclist was passing by. The cyclist stopped to take a look at him and snap a few pics. When the cyclist was about to leave, the Quokka started chasing after him. The cyclist looked back and his GoPro camera caught an image of the Quokka jumping up into his arms. Smiling! LOL!! I just love animals.

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Photo copyright Rottnest Fast Ferries

What types of encounters have you had with animals along your ride?

I have a few stories I could tell.

One being a pack of pitbulls came running out of a flood basin and ran up to Lynetta and I while riding across town. I slammed my breaks and Lynetta came barreling int to the back end of me, getting her handlebars wrapped inside my wheel. We thought we were toast, but then… it was like a guardian angel came down from heaven and put an invisible bubble around us. They just stopped cold in their tracks, looked at us, and then turned and ran away.

Then, there was the time Lynetta and I were riding in Southern Highlands and we came across a stray dog that just wanted to say hello. We realized he must have gotten out of his yard and since he was approaching a busy street, we should try to find his owners. Lynetta got off her bike, picked up the dog and walked in her cycling cleats for a quarter mile to the nearest gas station/car wash. I walked two bikes over to car wash and Lynetta had found a guy that would take both her and the dog to the vet down the street where Lynetta passed off the dog, just hoping the owner lived nearby and would find the dog. Sure enough it worked! The doggies owners went into the vet asking about their lost dog and the doggie and owners were reunited.

I would love to hear your stories if you have any… feel free to comment below.

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  1. Hi Lisa – I love the post about animal encounters and wanted to respond and post the photo. Over the Holidays, I was riding the trail around Lone Mountain and came across a woman walking her goat on a leash just like a dog! Too cute!

    Woman walking her goat while I was riding the trail at Lone Mountain

    –Lance Wilson

  2. Lance… that is ADORABLE! LOL! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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