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Federal Highway Association Highlights the City of Las Vegas Walk Audit Program

Federal Highway Association Highlights the City of Las Vegas Walk Audit Program
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The Federal Highway Association shined a spotlight on the City of Las Vegas’ Walk Audit Program for Schools and Older Adults.  In the article mentioned in their “Livability Initiative” blog, the City of Las Vegas performs walk audits to identify gaps and barriers to walking and bicycling. These walk audits take place within the quarter-mile radius around a school, housing facility, or recreational center. The city conducts 12 such school walk audits each year, with 48 completed to date. The city augmented its safety program in 2016 by adding older adult walk audits and has completed six thus far.

One of the improvements below shows the Piggott Elementary School crosswalk before (left) and after (right) school walk audit. (Image courtesy of City of Las Vegas)

As part of the walk audit for the area around Piggott Elementary School, the team identified the crosswalk at the school’s main entry as one of the primary locations for improvement. It is located on a curving roadway with visibility concerns. The project was programmed to upgrade the crosswalk with a pedestrian refuge island and curb extensions, increasing the awareness and visibility of the crosswalk. The project also provided an area for parents and students to queue as they waited to cross.

Hats off to the City of Las Vegas for providing another service that makes our community safer.

For the full story, visit the Livability Newsletter April 2017 page.

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