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Pirelli is coming back into cycling with their line of bicycle tires

Pirelli is coming back into cycling with their line of bicycle tires
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Pirelli Tires are on my Dodge Journey SUV.  I love Pirelli tires and was ecstatic to hear they are coming back into the world of cycling.  The Pirelli name is not new to the cycling field. In the first edition of Giro d’Italia (year 1909), the company was the partner of the event and 30 of the 49 finalists used the company’s tires. Among the many famous cyclists that rode on Pirelli tires at the time, one name is to mention: Fausto Coppi, he chose Pirelli tires for his Bianchi bike.  Guess what?  I have a Bianchi.  hee hee…. I am really looking forward to the new line when it comes out in September.  According to the Pirelli VelWorld website:

A new line of high performance tyres for the road racing bikes will be on the market in September.

The name of the new tyres is P Zero Velo, right like those P Zeros that, for over thirty years, are a symbol of high technology, exclusive solutions and high performance. Names are usually never assigned by coincidence and in this case, it is no coincidence at all that Pirelli has chosen to identify the new range of tyres with this famous brand: the aim of the company is to target the top segment of the market, the so-called Specialissima bikes.

The new Pirelli tyres will specify a colored tread. The colour code also evokes P Zero’s language from Formula One: Silver for Road Racing, red for the Time Trial and blue for the Four Seasons.

To learn more, visit the Pirelli VeloWorld website here:

Photo credit: VeloWorld

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