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Swoosh, Creaks and Other Odd Noises While Riding

Posted on Feb 28, 2017 in Bike Repair, Newsworthy, Ride Stories | 2 comments

HOW TO DIAGNOSE NOISES YOU MAY HEAR WHILE RIDING YOUR BIKE Posted by Lisa Caterbone February 28, 2017 I woke up on Sunday morning to a...

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What to do with your used gel packets, tubes and air cartridges

Posted on Sep 21, 2016 in Bike Repair, BLV Tips & Techniques | 0 comments

On one of my walks this week, I noticed a couple items thrown onto the ground from a cycling group that passed me by.  One of them was a...

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AAA is Offering Roadside Assistance to Bicyclists

Posted on Sep 5, 2016 in Bike Repair | 3 comments

Wow. A major auto club is now going to start servicing bicyclists. Some AAA members with disabled or inoperable bicycles will receive...

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Video: How to change a flat tire

Posted on Jul 5, 2016 in Bike Repair, Newsworthy | 0 comments

Here’s a quick video (under 3 minutes) that British Cycling just released.  For anyone who needs help in changing a flat tire, this...

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Bike Check to Start the Season

Posted on Feb 13, 2015 in Bike Repair, BLV Tips & Techniques | 0 comments

We are in for a BEAUTIFUL Weekend of riding weather. If you haven’t gotten those bikes out of the garage, dusted off and ready to...

Read More Meet & Greet + Bike Maintenance at McGhies

Posted on May 11, 2012 in Bike Repair | 0 comments

Join me, Lisa from BLV, and Shawn Tyrone from McGhies on SUNDAY, May 20th for a free maintenance class for the

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