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Seattle is shutting down their bike share program

Posted on Jan 14, 2017 in Bicycling News, Cycling Soapbox | 0 comments

Uh-oh.  If Seattle had trouble getting riders to use its bike share program and is now shutting it down, what do you think the fate of Las...

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Happy New Year! Bring on 2017!

Posted on Jan 2, 2017 in Cycling Soapbox, Newsworthy | 0 comments

I hope everyone had a great holiday! This year, I traveled back to see my family in PA for Christmas and then spent New Years here in...

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Don’t be one of those cyclist groups…

Posted on Oct 16, 2016 in Cycling Soapbox | 1 comment

It was all over the cycling world news today that a 95 year old WWII Veteran was mowed over by a group of 30 cyclists, which did not stop...

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VeloNews Cycling Humor on Why Cycling is Not the New Golf

Posted on Aug 26, 2016 in Cycling Soapbox | 1 comment

I just came across a funny opinion piece by Spencer Powlison on VeloNews that made me giggle when reading it. They are calling out the...

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Wearing a Bicycle Helmet: Fit Tips and Safety Information

Posted on May 15, 2011 in Bicycle Safety, Cycling Soapbox | 2 comments

As a ride organizer, I never allow anyone to ride with our group who does not wear a helmet.  First off, I can never understand why anyone...

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Lisa’s Soapbox

Posted on Jun 4, 2009 in Cycling Soapbox | 6 comments

It doesn’t matter what type of bike you like to ride….it’s the fact that you love cycling… that’s what...

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